Research Main Part Body

When it comes to the main part body it will include all the things like the main content of your chapters research for your surveys your graphs your reports and proceed with your ideas and avoid repeating the phrases in paragraphing divide your content into paragraphs chapter subheadings as you write form your throat into paragraph began each paragraph with one or two sentences that introduces the topic the binning of the paragraph must have always some kind lookup cook with the last paragraph if you are giving heading and subheading then use different like a styling for your bone you can use like bold underline or you can change slightly increase your font size for a heading like H 1 s 2 s 3 for paragraph. Find out how to do your paper`s main body on Edusson.

Then lastly conclusion then conclusion will include all the conclusion of the search paper and you will stand your opinion so it can be like it can be affirmative or supportive so and it can also include up like a prayer or you can include also like suggestion and before like submitting a research paper to anyone else when you have done everything just take a print out our rough print out of your paper and then read it four to five times give it to your peers give it to your mentor for a correction of any errors so once so once you have done your final drafting and editing work then you have to check is your paper is per algorithm free so what is plagiarism plagiarism is a wrongful appropriation and stealing the publication of another’s authors language thoughts ID or expression and the representation of them as your own original work so for that like there are two website I mentioned at Q text or for more this another one most popular in India this small SEO tool dot-coms let’s play with some checker so you can do one thing you can go to this website or any other website there are many website for checking plagiarism of your paper.

So just put your research paper content in there leggy some shaker box and then they will show you all the possible similar content that you have taken over the original content should be there so and they will also give you a report at how much content of a research paper is copy so avoid provision if you are getting plague ISM content you are getting about 80 to 90% black ISM then that is not a quality paper so what you can do so you can mark these black ISM content you can rephrase them you can rephrase them fully because rephrasing also come into the play visa so you can do one thing you can write down you can make a list of languages you try to include other things in place of that content or you can write that content in your own language also important thing is that if you are like mentioning about any citation or judgment or an act of statehood so that won’t fall under this place is Mbeki can’t change the language of a bear act you can’t change the language of a judgement given by a any court of law.

A Comparative Analysis

There one thing is important that if you want at your research paper or research work show no duplicate layer’ should not be used without your permission that you can add one statement that no part of this publication can be copied if you do sleep of this without prior permission of the author and the author can be conducted on your email ID or a contact number scope so scope is in simpler terms that you have to state that what you research paper edge say you are working on an environmental issue for example then you can include this research paper will highlight the issue of sustainable development. Get more info on comparative analysis on Edusson.

In India in comparison to issues of the collodion United States of America and then so on as written in this PowerPoint presentation so simply the scope base the aim of the research paper that what is the aim of risk of this research and don’t get confuse about the abstract of a paper in the scope so both are different thing in scope you have to just mention the aim of your research work and in the abstract you have to write a write down the short list of the research paper then after your mention your scope then go see towards the chapter ization or we can say index so chapter should be reflection of what your research questions are asking and must divide your research paper in a logical flow so the number of chapter should not be less than three and should be rearranged in a chronological path answering your research manner so your first chapter would be you could explore what your topic is followed by the second which address you are concerned about the area.

And then third will be the comparative analysis of topic then abstract as I told you earlier abstract the short zombie normally in 200 to 300 words and mostly all of the conferences and journals demand the abstract for a final confirmation so this is the way of act as a filter for a period if you were therefore in the abstract normally 200 to 300 words you have to give in the pinpoint summary of research topic and the objective after selection of the command level papers a peer review panel of General Conference might opt for an online publication or for representation in the conference and you can more can be found in the research paper section of our website that and you can like visit the call for papers notification and you can easily find this call for abstract thing that the author need to submit abstract before the final confirmation then it comes to the introduction part so introduction in this part you have to give a brief introduction of your topic this may include some background information of the topic you may also include some important page so to describe a situation if you are not getting substantive method for example if you are writing on sexual harassment you can write about moussaka watch a state of ricin case as it was a 10-buck judgment getting on this to harassment.

Citation and Information

To cite the proper authorities from which you have gathered the information citation it must and you can add the citation by using the keyboard shortcut alt ctrl + F on Microsoft Office Word then you move to the structure of research paper so we get many queries that what is the proper structure of a research paper so I’ve got research paper includes the following the content of a polar research paper are as follows like format if there is a like proper format like already like you will be given like just just now like I have told you about the submission deadline so adhere to the terms of the guidelines. Check more articles on citation at Edusson.

So firstly it comes to the acknowledgement then declaration in table of contents index of authorities it will include all the cases you have referred or the statutes you have referred list of abbreviations and scope of the research paper the limitation of the research paper perfect the source is used suppose you have this you used like for example you have you’ll deserve a of a report of a goldmine they can see our within Europe to mention that you have good and see our report of this in this year or like a census open the elections of 2010 you use this so you can just mention the report the research questions hypothesis chap relations of the research paper if it is in chapter wise form then abstract then introduction then chapters respectively in in the last conclusion and conclusion will be like should include the opinion or the judgment you as a researcher or have formed about the topic after the research then the blue Ravi the blue graph labeling flow depth older references then the introduction conclusion and bibliography are not the part of chapter ization they should not be included in the chapter ization.

New chapter ization of should only good all the chapters of the research paper the chapter one about this topic chapter two about this topic and so on but it should not include conclusion and bibliography and also introduction let’s talk about acknowledgment part so acknowledgment is the integral part of a paper of your college project also wherein you as an author dictate at your research paper or your work is or is none and it would not attract any plague visa or copyright issue so many of you have different ways to like acknowledge the your work so here we have put a sample that we hereby declare that we then name of the author are the author of this research paper that task reported in the project is the outcome of our own effort and no part of this project assignment has been copied in any unauthorized manner and no part of it has been cooperated without give notice meant to their rightful sources and the source persons we authorized the university name to land this research paper to other institution or individual for the purpose of the scholar research.

Reaching To Information Donors

After you have collected all the things for your research then analyze then you can put all the thing in the chronicle order or like it can be in CD suppose you are doing research paper not like motor competition pilot so what you do like you have to search for cases where a number of cases and you have to make a map model from both the side so like you are doing research suppose there is section 3:07 in your mode code Memorial so you have to find cases relating to 3:07 from both the side it can be appellant or respondent so what you do thank you finding cases and in the same book you finding the cases relating to the appellant and the nispom net so don’t do it like you are just making a memorial for their parents ID. Find out more about how to legally use information on Edusson.

And you will only go down the a plain side cases so take all the cases and then create two files so like cut copy paste the main important part of the like judgment in both the files one the rough draft for appellant and then second or the like respondent or defendant so that you can analyze later on and then you can put all this thing in the chronological order so it will be better if you can analyze all the thing firstly gather all the information all together then analyze so now it comes to opting so once we have gathered all the informations content and then you have analyzed all the content that you have gathered then you need to finalize the outline of the research paper and consider the formatting as a guideline so there are as you know that they are guidelines for the board meetings so suppose you are submitting a paper for a conference or a journal then they have some guidelines that you have to submit on this guideline and write what all the guidelines include that about font size line spacing citation method that can be blue book or ah Scola.

So popper a proper formatting of paper as per their guidelines about bonsai dining spacing number of words uniform citation method which can be blue book ah Scola method or any uniform citation method so you have to adhere to the guidelines citations are important even if the guilin doesn’t requires to do citation you should do citations to like avoid plagiarism so excitation are important so you should do citation for acknowledging the sources of information as it will be prevent your research paper from plague ISM the citation can be added by simply pressing the alt + ctrl + F key and more on this topic citation bhagyashree will be covering in the next session so once when you are copying or paraphrasing a particle sentence or paragraph from another source you required to acknowledge the author or you are required to acknowledge the source and this is serious stuff because you cannot infringe the copyright but you cannot like resemble the information of other as yours.

How To Change Research Topic

You can change your research topic in first time but initially you can change all this thing but it will be difficult if you like all together you have done collective research in some initial page and then you won’t be able to do something and you are diverting your profit then thirdly it comes to the consult even if you are a master and subject you might not come out with a research paper therefore consult concern with your colleges teachers or even your friends they can inspire you with new ideas first and most important that never hesitate to change topic if you choose a topic begin with research and realize that it is not that right topic for you for some digital body changer topic and they start the research but in initial phase schengen comes to the research then you have to start your research on the topic is selected. Find out more about working with research topic on Edusson.

And the next step is to began there is a great research can be done from various sources including firstly books state tubes then it comes to the web pages it can be government web portals report of various domains like NCR v-very journals articles for example munathara economic and political weekly online and groover arbitration books encyclopedias interviews newsletters newspaper articles blog post such as corporate law blog spicy IP etc then try to use minimum of five four to five services to where you information so like you don’t rely on only one or two think like only books or only websites so if you have more resources more sources and it will be good research just noting or like googling big things but like many of the law school students what you do like for the research paper bro they obtain what you look like you’ll just enter the topic and the Google search bar and it comes from the topic from Wikipedia or like anyone else.

Both are research paper and you just don’t go about like everything to do and you just copy the things and just put in your word file and then take a printout and then give it to you like subject teachers so don’t do that like books should be the one primary areas of research viewed as much you can like you can go for your college library or you can go for like private libraries for books so books are the best best way to research so as they have like a descriptive knowledge that and the credible knowledge you can say so let’s try to have books in your research as a primary sources so in analyzing what you have to do just gather all the information firstly like before making a final draft what you do give it a simple word file in just include all your resources it can be read like a rough draft file you can just copy page the thing from you are getting from any resources or website and you can include all the things in that was rough file or you can also like write down on a note paper notebook.

Why We Need Good Research

Let’s start with why we need good research and research paper so as you all know that there is nothing more important you look up to so flow then your ability to put to good quality return work bit more code Memorial okay Law School for a real case memorial or the court of law research paper is the one it is to express what actually possess in the terms of your skills creativity and originality in thinking even in court of law as you all know I’ve got submission is the one that by various cases references in research work when you make a man more in a Lois code then you put cases citation research for book references estate tubes why because to back your statement to give a stand to your statement so the purpose of being doing research in a lowest goal that you have to back your knowledge with some writing having some solid research papers. Look at these kind of papers at Edusson.

Or like for example like if you are doing some thesis for the PhD scholars so you do research and you have to include like a real surveys you have to conduct surveys on any legal talk paper the topic you have chosen so why you include all this research topic in the service to back your research to make a research paper so that’s why when you go to search paper slide in this session I will be taking the main important English ingredients how how to write a good research paper so the guidelines to write a research paper in group selection of topic firstly secondly research on the topic then analyzing and planning in drafting editing and the final preparing for the final text and then it comes to the like publication shine so in the selection process like you have to choose a topic so choosing your topic is a first and most important step when you research paper Bulger first of all off yourself a question is there enough research available on this topic.

If the topic is new unique and timely so is it pertinent to my career choice or are you able to collect all the information needed for this new topic do you have some resources or do you have some reminders behind you to support you so pick something you are interested in whenever possible choose the topic they took a person ate and comfortable about writing about something you enjoy certainly shows in the final product making it more likely that you will be successful writing a paper about something you enjoy for example if you are really into certain constitutional law add something which involves a constitutional principle or constitute or constitutional issue step to it and then don’t disgrace then don’t divert your top is so like changing your topic can be done in the initial stage when you find that you are having some hardship and doing some research or you won’t be have it or you won’t be able to like gather resources.