Citation and Information

To cite the proper authorities from which you have gathered the information citation it must and you can add the citation by using the keyboard shortcut alt ctrl + F on Microsoft Office Word then you move to the structure of research paper so we get many queries that what is the proper structure of a research paper so I’ve got research paper includes the following the content of a polar research paper are as follows like format if there is a like proper format like already like you will be given like just just now like I have told you about the submission deadline so adhere to the terms of the guidelines. Check more articles on citation at Edusson.

So firstly it comes to the acknowledgement then declaration in table of contents index of authorities it will include all the cases you have referred or the statutes you have referred list of abbreviations and scope of the research paper the limitation of the research paper perfect the source is used suppose you have this you used like for example you have you’ll deserve a of a report of a goldmine they can see our within Europe to mention that you have good and see our report of this in this year or like a census open the elections of 2010 you use this so you can just mention the report the research questions hypothesis chap relations of the research paper if it is in chapter wise form then abstract then introduction then chapters respectively in in the last conclusion and conclusion will be like should include the opinion or the judgment you as a researcher or have formed about the topic after the research then the blue Ravi the blue graph labeling flow depth older references then the introduction conclusion and bibliography are not the part of chapter ization they should not be included in the chapter ization.

New chapter ization of should only good all the chapters of the research paper the chapter one about this topic chapter two about this topic and so on but it should not include conclusion and bibliography and also introduction let’s talk about acknowledgment part so acknowledgment is the integral part of a paper of your college project also wherein you as an author dictate at your research paper or your work is or is none and it would not attract any plague visa or copyright issue so many of you have different ways to like acknowledge the your work so here we have put a sample that we hereby declare that we then name of the author are the author of this research paper that task reported in the project is the outcome of our own effort and no part of this project assignment has been copied in any unauthorized manner and no part of it has been cooperated without give notice meant to their rightful sources and the source persons we authorized the university name to land this research paper to other institution or individual for the purpose of the scholar research.