Reaching To Information Donors

After you have collected all the things for your research then analyze then you can put all the thing in the chronicle order or like it can be in CD suppose you are doing research paper not like motor competition pilot so what you do like you have to search for cases where a number of cases and you have to make a map model from both the side so like you are doing research suppose there is section 3:07 in your mode code Memorial so you have to find cases relating to 3:07 from both the side it can be appellant or respondent so what you do thank you finding cases and in the same book you finding the cases relating to the appellant and the nispom net so don’t do it like you are just making a memorial for their parents ID. Find out more about how to legally use information on Edusson.

And you will only go down the a plain side cases so take all the cases and then create two files so like cut copy paste the main important part of the like judgment in both the files one the rough draft for appellant and then second or the like respondent or defendant so that you can analyze later on and then you can put all this thing in the chronological order so it will be better if you can analyze all the thing firstly gather all the information all together then analyze so now it comes to opting so once we have gathered all the informations content and then you have analyzed all the content that you have gathered then you need to finalize the outline of the research paper and consider the formatting as a guideline so there are as you know that they are guidelines for the board meetings so suppose you are submitting a paper for a conference or a journal then they have some guidelines that you have to submit on this guideline and write what all the guidelines include that about font size line spacing citation method that can be blue book or ah Scola.

So popper a proper formatting of paper as per their guidelines about bonsai dining spacing number of words uniform citation method which can be blue book ah Scola method or any uniform citation method so you have to adhere to the guidelines citations are important even if the guilin doesn’t requires to do citation you should do citations to like avoid plagiarism so excitation are important so you should do citation for acknowledging the sources of information as it will be prevent your research paper from plague ISM the citation can be added by simply pressing the alt + ctrl + F key and more on this topic citation bhagyashree will be covering in the next session so once when you are copying or paraphrasing a particle sentence or paragraph from another source you required to acknowledge the author or you are required to acknowledge the source and this is serious stuff because you cannot infringe the copyright but you cannot like resemble the information of other as yours.